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Pick a subject and a price,

and I'll write you a poem!



It can be something general, such as:

'Write me a poem about the sea' or 'Write me a poem about overcoming hardships'

Or perhaps something a bit more detailed, such as:

'Write me a poem about a man in prison looking back on the mistakes he's made in his life' or 'Write me a poem about how we should look after the environment'

Or even something quite personal, such as:

'My sister had just had her first child and I'd like to give her a poem to congratulate her. Please include something to do with the meaning behind the name of her son, Michael'

It's totally up to you - just pick what you want your poem to be about!


If you would also like your poem to be made into a digital poster for you to print, please let me know. This costs an extra £10, and I'll send you two designs for you to pick which is best.


To submit your poem request, use the contact form at the bottom of this page. Please include as much information as possible in order to help me write your poem, such as: if you have an idea for the title of your poem, or even if you already have a few lines yourself that you would like me to add to.

After you've sent me your request, I'll get back as soon as I can to confirm. I'll then let you know any necessary payment details in order for you to make a payment. Once a payment has been made, I'll get started on your poem!


After I've written your poem, I'll e-mail it back to you within 3 weeks, if not sooner, as a PDF attachment, and attach any digital prints if you've requested them. 



Please note...

Poems are a very subjective thing, so what I think sounds great might not be the same with you. If I haven't quite hit the mark first time, you're allowed up to 3 revisions of your poem for me to get things spot on! There may also be a few occasions where I feel I'm unable to complete your request - either the poem you're looking for is something I feel like I couldn't write well, or there is an unexpected high demand. However, I will aim to reply to all queries within 48 hours.


Short Poem


85 - 125 words

A nice, short piece, perfect for a simple message, or wall print for your home.

Medium Poem


170 - 250 words

A more detailed piece with an added personal touch, to say that little bit more.

Long Poem


340 - 500 words

A lengthy, well-crafted piece containing various detail, making it the ultimate gift for a friend or loved one.



By sending your request, you understand and agree to the following:

- This form is only for requesting poems for personal use (such as gifts or occasions), and the poem I provide cannot be reproduced, displayed or used for any commercial or business use. If you're in need of a poem for business or commercial use, contact me via e-mail directly and I'll get back in touch.

- I, as the author, will own the intellectual property rights to each and every poem, but you're free to share them with friends or family, or even have them displayed around your home.

- Refunds are unavailable for this service, as the work will have already been completed.

If there are any issues with using this form, please contact me via e-mail at and include all the same information.

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