I've written quite a few books in total, but to me The Transition and JUNK are my very best. As I'm an independent author, unfortunately they're not available in physical form (i.e. a normal book). However, they're both available on the Amazon Kindle store. And if you don't have a Kindle, you can download the free app for iPhone, Android, PC or Mac!


Rume has never met his parents. Like all the other children in the community, he must wait until his eighteenth birthday before he does. For years he has seen countless people travel through the vault door and, with a white flash, be gone and never return, travelling over the Ridge to join the rest of the adult world. This is called The Transition. The day when you leave the community and your new life begins.

However, a few days before Rume is due to leave, he receives a message warning him of the truth of the world beyond the vault door. And thus, he is faced with a choice; continue to believe what he has been told, or discover the truth. But to do so he must break the one unbreakable rule - that when your time comes, you must complete The Transition.

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Axle Dormer has spent his whole life in his home town of Gorkweegle – an isolated, rust bucket, scrap metal town that’s surrounded by a giant canyon in the middle of the desert. Ever since he can remember he has yearned for adventure, but his town’s strict rules have prevented the possibility – “…one rule that I’ve known ever since the day I was born… never, under any circumstances, go past the Canyon.”


But after playing out in the desert one day, Axle and his friends somehow fall into the Canyon. And with no way out, they realise they must venture further in the hope of finding help. Axle soon finds out that the adventure he seeks isn’t quite what it seems, and he may be about to uncover a terrible secret that his home town of Gorkweegle has buried for decades…