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This page contains a catalogue of my poems to read whenever suits you. Although not every poem I've ever written is on here, for those I'm happy to share (as some are deeply personal) I'm periodically adding them as and when I can.


To read a poem, just click on the title below and it should pop up in some form or another.


You're welcome to share these with friends and family, share them online (with credit to myself please!) or even print them to have in your home - what's mine is yours, as the saying goes.

If I'm offering my work for free (as I am here), I never expect anyone to give me any kind of payment for it; free means free. But for those who feel absolutely compelled to support me in that way, you can leave a tip in my 'virtual tip jar' here.


So grab a coffee (or tea), light a candle, settle down in a comfy chair... and explore my work. I’d also love to hear your thoughts about my poetry. Love it? Hate it? A bit of both? Feel free to let me know!

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